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  • Mother Seraphina (Francesca Farolfi)
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An Ideal Student


  • APPRECIATES the good in others.

  • BRAVES the challenges, and difficulties of life; is COURTEOUS to everyone, submissive to the elders, friendly to the equals and condescending to the juniors.

  • ENCOURAGES others in the pursuit of common goal.

  • FOLLOWS high ideal and faces difficulties courageously.

  • Is GENTLE in his/her dealing with others, kind in thought, word and deed.

  • Insists on fair play, courageous in defeat and applauding the victorious opponent.

  • Is always HONEST, overcoming the urge to lie and cheat

  • Does not JUDGE any one from hear say.

  • LENDS a helping hand at home, in school and to those in need.

  • Makes stepping stones of failures.

  • Develops an attitude of thoroughness and hardwork and shuns mediocrity.

  • NEVER puts off for tomorrow what he/she can do today.

  • OBSERVES his/her personal time table faithfully.

  • Is always PUNCTUAL, punctilious and peace-loving.

  • Is QUICK to apologize and slow to take offence.

  • RESPECTS the old, poor, disabled and strangers.

  • Is truthful and trust-worthy at any cost.

  • Keenly and consistently applies oneself to studies aiming to match one's abilities with one's. actual achievements.

  • Urges the weak, lazy, less-talented to emulate heroes of ordinary life.

  • Venerates the image of God in every human being and seeks God's blessing and other's help.

  • Is willing to accept whatever work is assigned.

  • Is zealous for the common good, the good name of his/her family, school, neighborhood, town and state, and above all the honour and glory of the Motherland.





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